Anna Roth

Anna's a recovering restaurant critic whose award-winning writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Best Food Writing 2014 & 2017, Lucky Peach, SF Weekly, Civil Eats and more. She's the author of West Coast Road Eats, a culinary guidebook. She currently lives in NYC but is a West Coaster at heart. Email: anna.roth @ gmail

Is ‘Master of None’ the New ‘Sex and the City’?

The finance bros have arrived. With their button-down shirts and conversations about investment strategy, they seem different than the arty, laid-back crowd that usually hangs out at the Four Horsemen, the natural wine bar on Grand Street. The Brooklyn bar’s part-owner, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, has always given the place an extra sheen of coolness, but it seems to be attracting a new demographic these days, at least on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s been felt by longtime regular

Celebrity Instagram Appreciation Corner: Tom Hanks

Most celebrity Instagram accounts are boring, featuring Photoshopped selfies, obviously staged “private moments,” and way too much promotional material. Not every celebrity’s, however. Here at KQED Pop, Anna Roth celebrates the oddball Instagram accounts that are clearly run by the celebs themselves … perhaps even against the best advice of their publicists. Let’s all take a moment to admire the steady hand guiding Tom Hanks. Unlike a few of his celebrity contemporaries, America’s Dad™ has buil

Shoutout to All The Pear: U.S. Pear Farmers Thankful to Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is crediting his recent weight loss to the humble pear. At least that's what he said in an interview with Tim Westwood last month when he mentioned that eating pears was one of the keys to his success. That interview spawned a delightful, much-Vine'd catchphrase, "shoutout to all the pear,” which has caused pear-shaped ripples across the Internet. Gawker reports that pear emoji use on Ross’ Instagram page has gone through the roof. Fans are Photoshopping Ross in orchards, super

Paul McCartney Closes Out Candlestick Park With His Usual Three-Hour Show

Before all else, it must be remarked upon: Paul McCartney is in incredible shape. The former Beatle took the stage at Candlestick Park last night at 8:55 p.m. (nearly an hour after his supposed start time, but no one in the wine-drunk, median-40ish crowd was complaining). He didn't leave until 11:40, after ripping through nearly 40 songs, the vast majority of them from the Beatles canon. At a certain point in the second hour, during an interlude where he played several songs from his new album,,

Bobby Flay Would Like You to Know That He's Not the Screaming Type

Last week we published an installment of Michael Leaverton's darkly funny Food on TV column criticizing Bobby Flay for not behaving badly enough in his new restaurant fix-it show, 3 Days to Open: We never expected to discuss the review with Bobby Flay himself. But this week the blogging gods must have been in a benevolent mood, because Bobby Flay wanted to discuss it with us. It all started three days ago, when this e-mail arrived via the feedback form on our website: After our initial amazem